Now Is What You Make It - Pepsi Max #FutbolNow (x)

August 23 // +337


started from the bottom now we’re soaring flying theres not a star in heaven that we cant reach

August 23 // +83356


oh yes you support a small club you so special congratulations

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August 23 // +4274

“Porto is my club, this is my home, you can stop speculating. Together we are a great team and I know you are going to give it all to win.” — Ricardo Quaresma (via ricardoquaresmas)

August 22 // +13

  • how i show my affections: fucking score a fucking goal you motherfucking fucks
August 22 // +3574

so apparently selfie friday is still a thing around here… 
[sarcasm] wow i tanned so much this summer [/sarcasm]

August 22 // +7

  • Teacher: If you had 10 concert tickets and I took 9 away, what would you have?
  • Me: 10 concert tickets and a dead body.
August 22 // +91335

i can’t have a soul mate because i have no soul

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